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What makes Sasino special?

Sasino is a picturesque, peaceful summer village in Kaszuby, 12 kilometers from Łeba. Beautiful scenery, silence, tranquility and closeness to nature. A perfect place for cycling, horse riding and hiking enthusiasts. 4 cycling routes are together 42-kilometer long. You will find here forests and holiday resorts as well as interesting monuments, the lighthouse in Stilo and convenient access to beautiful coast cities.
Visit Sasino to forget about the noise of the city, work and daily duties. Its charm and rich offer will meet expectations of the most demanding tourists. If you want to spend an unforgettable vacation close to the nature, Sasino is a perfect destination.

The lighthouse in Stilo

The lighthouse in Stilo is located one kilometer from the coast on the top of sand dune. It is built on the hexagonal foundation. The body is built of cast iron and the rest is built of wood. The lighthouse was built at the beginning of the 20th century (1904-1906). Recently, in 2006, the lighthouse celebrated its 100th anniversary. For the occasion, it was renovated including the change of lightning and colors, which now are the most characteristic for the lighthouse.

Słowiński National Park

Słowiński National Park, one of the 23 Polish national parks, is situated in the middle coast of Pomorskie Voivodeship. Established in 1966, in 1977 included in the World Network of Biosphere Reserves by Unesco and in 1995 enlisted as the area protected by the Ramsar Convention on Wetlands of an international environmental value. The characteristic elements of the park are: near-sea lakes, wetlands, meadows, moors, coniferous and deciduous forests and most of all sandbar with migrating dunes. The symbol of the park is seagull.

Migrating dunes

Migrating dunes are top entertainment in the area of Łeba in Słowiński National Park. It takes at least the whole day to fully explore the dunes. It takes around 3 hours to arrive at the place by foot, but you can also rent a bike or an electric wheelchair. The biggest dune is Wydma Łęcka which reaches 40 meters above the sea level.

The dunes are not steep, so they are reachable both for elder tourists and children, who can then roll down the dune. On the top waits an unforgettable view to the other dunes, Lake Łebsko and on the opposite side, to the Baltic Sea. A wonderful activity for everyone! The dunes are called “migrating” as they move towards west (Łeba), by 9 meters every year.

Nature reserve Choczewskie Cisy

Nature reserve Choczewskie Cisy is over 40-years old. It is situated in Sasino in the area of Gmina Choczewo. In the reserve you will find rare coniferous trees (and bushes) of the yew family, the common yew. The biggest yew trees can be found in Scotland and Caucasus in Asia where they grow 32-meters high and reach 9 meters of the trunk’s girth. Unfortunately, you won’t find them in the reserve, however a walk among other trees will be an exciting new experience. Besides the common yew tree, you will also find lichens (e.g. Iceland moss), protected Fuchs’ orchid, February daphne and mushrooms (e.g. common stinkhorn).

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