Food service

Regional, healthy food - only here!

At our center we offer an opportunity to prepare the meals on your own but also to try our breakfast service.

We offer regional, organic and healthy food. All our products come from regional suppliers.

Don’t spend money in restaurants – taste regional delicacies at our center!

Scrambled eggs

An original recipe - scrambled eggs by Beata and scrambled eggs by Ryś

Zucchini pancakes

The chef’s special - the delicacy of the owner


Home products

Fruit, vegetable and fruit-and-vegetable juices

Cheesecakes, yeast cakes, royal poppy-seed cake

Savoury and sweet pancakes


Breakfasts are served as a buffet – every breakfast, beside the above delicacies, includes bread, ham and regular breakfast products.


Regular soups (broth, tomato soup etc.) and healthy cream soups prepared from locally-grown organic vegetables


After dinner for every guest waits a surprise dessert!


Speciality of Kaszuby prepared in various ways (grilled, fried, roasted, boiled) - straight from the fishermen from Łeba!

Diet meals

Meals prepared from vegetables, chicken and other diet products

Meat meals

Meat from local suppliers and butchers

Fish appetizers


Regional, healthy meals - only here!

  • Śnieżka – dairy in Perlino (17 km from Sasino):
    • natural and flavour yoghurts
    • butter, milk, cottage cheese, cream
    • cheese
    • ham
  • A Country Women’s Club in Choczewo and Sasino
    • butter
    • milk
    • cottage and curd cheese
  • Butcher “Łuc” in Choczewo (10 km from Sasino):
    • ham
    • meat
  • A Country Women’s Club in Choczewo and Sasino:
    • specially baked bread – also served in the palace in Ciekocinko (hotel,5 km from Sasino, where international horse races take place)
  • Łeba – bakery “Łebska”
  • Shop “Merkus” in Gdynia
  • Bakery in Wejherowo
  • Łeba (12 km from Sasino):
    • fresh fish straight from the fishermen
    • smoked fish
  • A Country Women’s Club in Choczewo and Sasino
    • Sasino’s herrings
  • Home products:
    • jams, unsweetened plum jams
    • blueberry mousse
    • juices and yoghurts
    • sour pickles
    • dried and marinated mushrooms
    • dried fruits
    • frozen fruits and vegetables
  • Organic vegetables – come from our organic garden
    • tomatoes and cherry tomatoes
    • cucumbers
    • chive, salad, parsley and dill
    • herbs – thyme, basil, oregano, mint
    • yellow and green bean
    • zucchini, sorrel, spinach
    • chard, beetroot
    • celery, parsley (root), onion, leek
    • strawberries, high blueberry
  • Vegetable and farming suppliers from:
  • Szczenurz
    • Bolszewo
    • Choczewo
  • Raspberry suppliers – raspberry plantation 3 km from Sasino in “Malinowy Dwór”
  • Bee yard ”Majewscy”
    • Regional honey from Pomerania
  • Restaurant “Ewa zaprasza” (Sasino)
    • Cream herring
    • Apple pie with whipped cream
  • A Country Women’s Club in Choczewo and Sasino
    • Cakes
    • Sasino’s herrings
    • Country lard
    • Dumplings
    • Jams

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