Apart from the sea, the national park, bike tours and yacht cruises, we offer a place for relaxation. A little something for everyone!


Barbecue is a common summer leisure activity. A time spent together with friends and family. Bonfire guarantees a wonderful time in an enjoyable atmosphere. We offer common bonfires for all our guests.


Children won’t get bored here. They can play in the swimming pool, but also in the

Closeness to the sea

Closeness to the sea (ca. 3km) is a top advantage of our center. The nearby beaches are beautiful because of smooth gold sand, lack of rocks and tree sticks

Mini-swimming pool

A mini-swimming pool is a great fun for children but also for adults :). You don’t have to go to the sea to sunbathe or take a bath.


A small gym for those who want to stay in shape.


Boisko siatkówki w ogrodzie

A large, beautiful garden is a perfect place for bonfire, barbecue, sunbathing, children’s playing and a nap.

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