Yacht cruises

an adventure in the open sea!

Sail to the open sea.

You will experience a wonderful adventure on board of a modern and safe yacht. The cruise, within the scheduled trip, will guarantee you an unforgettable sea adventure and memories for years.

Get away from the daily grind and feel the call of the sea. Our tours not only are sea adventures but also journeys to Baltic islands, which are not so grey and boring as they seem. Nothing more wrong! We will take you to Bornholm with its unchanged architecture for 200 years and famous Baltic herrings, Christianso, with a glorious sea fortress and to beautiful Polish Trójmiasto.


The most beautiful Baltic islands

Discover the secrets of Bornholm! A beautiful, green island with unique architecture and island climate. The cruise also includes visiting Christianso, one of the most picturesque islands on the Baltic Sea and a German harbour, Sasnitz.

Period:: 7 days (6 nights)

Itinerary:: lap around Bornholm with visits to a few harbours, visit to Christianso and Sasnitz

Number of passengers: up to 5.

Fees:: 1000 PLN/person + food service and harbour dues

The secrets of Bornholm

See the most beautiful Baltic island. Visit Nexo or Svaneke and learn the history of this secret island. The houses on this green island remain unchanged for 200 years. We especially recommend smoked herrings, a delicacy of Bornholm.

Period:: 3 days (2 nights)

Itinerary: a night in Nexo or Svaneke

Number of passengers: up to 5

Fees: 600 PLN/person + food service and harbour dues.

Harbours of the coast of Gdańsk

Feel sea breeze and experience a real adventure sailing along the Polish coast up till the Bay of Gdańsk. Accomodation in the jewels of the Baltic Sea, Gdynia, Gdańsk or Sopot.

Period:: 3 days (2 nights)

Area:: a night in one of the cities: Gdynia, Gdańsk or Sopot

Number of passengers: up to 5

Fees:: 500 PLN/person + food service and harbour dues

Picturesque Ustka

One of the smallest harbours on the Baltic Sea, cosy yet picturesque with a dreamy and magic charm of a small harbour town. Head out to the open sea and visit Ustka following the light of a famous lighthouse.

Period: 1 day (1 night)

Area:: Ustka

Fees:: 200 PLN/person + food service and harbour dues.

Beautiful Władysławowo

The northernmost, dreamy city with island climate. Sail to Hel Penisula, visit Cape Rozewie and take a stroll on the boardwalk in Władysławowo.

Period:: 1 day (1 night)

Area: Władysławowo

Fees:: 200 PLN/person + food service and harbour dues

Cruise “Baltic Privateer”

Besides studying it’s an opportunity to experience a real, sea adventure! Feel like a real sailor, sailing on the sea, visiting picturesque islands and Baltic harbours. The cruise aims at teaching driving the yacht especially to candidates for sailor or helmsman.

Period: 7 days (6 nights)

Itinerary: lap around Bornholm island (visit to 1-2 harbours), visit to Christianso and Sasnitz or Travemunde.

Number of passengers: up to 5

Fees: 1000 PLN/person + food service and harbour dues.

Our yacht

A sailing yacht type Gib Sea 402 Master is 12-meter long and the sails are 80 meters square. The yacht docs in Łeba. A solid structure makes it perfect for recreation, school and training cruises.

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